Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One last thing

We have to work on their girls' pronunciation. Specifically with the letter S. Sometimes they just skip it, sometimes they replace it with a C.

They do the latter when getting dressed in the morning.

You know what you put on before your shoes?


Marvelous, marvelous girls

My daughters are incredible. Not that I am biased or anything. but each and every day I am blown away by their awesomeness.

Last night after gan Bracha came home with Shawn and Eli and I walked, hand in hand, to the supermarket. She was an absolute pleasure to be with. She helped me remember the shopping list, asked questions about what we were buying, helped me load the shopping cart and carry the groceries home. On the way upstairs she said we should pretend to be Barney characters.

E: Eli be Baby Bop, ima be Barney, Bracha be BJ.
Me: What about abba?
E: Oh, what about abba?
Me: Abba can be Barney.
E: But what about ima?
Me: I can just be your friend.
E: Ima be Baby Bop with Eli. We be Baby Bop together!

Today after gan I took the girls to the gymboree where they played so very nicely, I was so proud of them. They were happy and friendly and shared and cleaned up after themselves. Eli loves baseball so one of our favorite games is she takes a small plastic bat they have there and I pitch and she hits quite well. The girls ate tons of macaroni and cheese (baby Bop's favorite food!) and afterwards we went to run errands and they were such good listeners.

When we got home they played with their kitchen for a bit (they play with it every morning and evening! Best toy ever! Again no bias of course) and had a snack of peanuts (halved, of course). They were so well behaved and were having so much fun playing I pushed bedtime off an hour but when Shawn finally got them into PJs and I asked Eli what time it was she calmly answered bed time but when I said I would take them to bed she told me no! I can't believe it but the girls put themselves to bed tonight! They kissed me good night in the living room, where we said Shema together, then they took themselves off to their room, got into their beds, and went to sleep all by themselves!

Where did my babies go!?!

Monday, November 21, 2011

My daughter the cook

I was wrong, Eli's cooked bananas were delicious!

My daughter the artist

Bracha just drew a bunch on vertical lines on a paper, I mean a bunch, which is very unlike her because usually she tried to draw butterflies which involves lots of round lines, and showed it to me: "Look, Ima! It's raining and pouring!"

Now Eli is singing the nursery rhyme of the same name.

They are in such great moods this morning! They both woke up and played with each other while I stayed in bed until Bracha came to tell me she was poopy. Both were very cooperative during diaper changes, each had two bowls of breakfast (cornflakes and milk for Bracha, bran flakes and yogurt for Eliana) and they're now drawing and sharing markers. Oh, nope, now they're playing with the kitchen to, according to Eli, cook bananas and tomatoes for lunch. Mmmm, I'm glad they're not the cooks!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New kitchen, part 2 (the story)

I've wanted to get a play kitchen for the girls for a very long time. But they're expensive and cost precious space in a small apartment. So, me being the creative person that I am, I decided to make one, instead of buying one, and to save space I decided to take a piece of furniture we already had (a tv stand) but didn't need (since we have no tv), so I wouldn't be addiing anything extra to our space.

I looked online for ideas and inspirations, and to Ikea and the hardware store for everything else. I decided to paint it blue since a: that way Shawn wouldn't object since he has an issue with the girls having too many "girlie" things and b: that was the color of my own childhood kitchen. Thanks to a friend's borrowed jig saw, my father's borrowed sander, and my own cordless drill, I was able to do the construction aspect fairly easily. The problem is I started on that then got carried away with other projects and this one was left on the porch for a couple of months, until the rainy season began and I realized I had better get crackin. So I finished the construction (which consisted of removing the upper shelf, cutting it down and turning it into an internal shelf, reinforcing the base and the various brackets, and creating the oven door by filling in the door handle hole, making new holes, cutting the square for the window and affixing the plexiglass plate, a cutting holes for the sink and faucet), put on a base coat then three cans worth of blue spray paint, plus some black for the burners. I then attached the faucet, sink, burner knobs, and doors, and finally, today, added the toys I've been hiding in the back room.

After I pick the girls up from gan today I'll bring them home and show them their brand new toy. Yes, I'll take pictures and videos. I'm so excited!!

New kitchen, part 1 (the pictures)

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Thank god it's shabbat! I don't think our family could have handled a day like today if it were a regular workday, but thanks to is being Shabbat the rest of the week may be easier. So what happened? Nothing major, basically everyone is sick.

Shawn's depression is acting up a bit more, probably due to his major upcoming exam. And he wonders why I insist taking the year off school is a good thing!! Mood-wise he's pretty fine but he's sleeping more, which is his biggest tell. Meanwhile I'm not as actively ill as I was but still close enough to it that if I don;t get enough sleep I wake up really feeling worse for the wear, and a day full of drop-offs, pick-ups, work and errands really doesn't help. The girls, however, are nice and sick. Nothing nasty, they're not in pain or throwing up, just mild fevers that tylenol is helping and occasional bouts of the chill. Halfway through last night it looked like we were really in for it but after a round of tushie medicine (and the discovery of an awesome new position for holding Eli in which she doesn't even realized someone shoved a suppository up her rear) and a move from their own room, in which the heater and humidifier was running and both girls were snuggles under two blankets, into ours (I have to draw you a diagram of how this works), they moth slept in until the merciful hour of 10am (!!!!!!!) It was awesome! Of course we were way behind getting the apartment organized for lunch but thankfully Joey and Rona were our only guests and they're very understanding. After lunch the "kids" all went back to bed and I got to sit on the couch and read. They're still all asleep and I'll probably regret letting the girls keep sleeping but if there's one lesson I've learned in motherhood it's that, unless you need to for medicine, and only then I mean really need you, you NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING SICK CHILD.

Here, I just whipped up a diagram for you on Paint. Blue and green are us adults, pink and purple are the kids. I think if I were ever asked for one piece of advice I would ever offer other parents about to have twins is would be this: invest in a great bed. Get a king size bed, the best mattress in the store and at least three waterproof mattress covers. But king size is key. And no, a queen won't cut it. Unless you really like my diagram. And unless you really like sleeping next to your husband's feet.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Visiting Uncle Joey part 4

After having so much fun the girls were pooped! So they had a short nap then we met up with Rona for dinner and dancing and had a great time.

Visiting Uncle Joey part 3

We also had fun just playing on the sand, of course!

Visiting Uncle Joey part 2

Joey took us to the beach near his house and took turns going into the water with the girls. Eliana is wearing a blue hat and Bracha is wearing a yellow hat.

Visiting Uncle Joey part 1

During chol hamoed sukkot the girls and I took a trip out to Tel Aviv to visit Joey and Rona. Here are pictures from that trip. This first installment is from our train ride out. The girls were awesome about it! They were so excited about taking the train and behaved wonderfully which I was grateful for since I was a bit nervous doing it on my own. The girls ate some granola bars and watched some Barney but mostly just hung out and enjoyed the ride.

An Eli-ism

Eliana constantly surprises me with the various words she knows that I have know idea how/where/when she picks them up. Her latest is 'floppy.' Now don't go getting excited, I don't mean floppy the known as in a floppy disk drive. I mean she was getting herself dressed the other day (with help) and after getting her head through her shirt she had trouble with her arm and said the sleeve was all floppy.

Eli, for the record, regularly speaks in full sentences and man does she say the cutest things!

As promised

Night time sukkah pics!