Friday, May 7, 2010

Walk 'n roll

Here's a great video for your enjoyment. You get a little bit of everything: the girls being incredibly cute, being good sisters and sharing nicely, and also a sample of Eliana's relatively new skill: walking. She's been doing it for a while now but here's the first bit of video evidence. Both girls ham it up for the camera all while forcing Ima and Abba to reconsider shabbat motzi. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Holy cow do my kids rock. Eliana's new favorite past time is putting things in the bathtub. It started when she'd walk in and hang out with me during my morning pee, and she'd throw her plug (what we call pacifiers around here) into the tub. Ever since then, I've been finding new things in there each day. Today, as I was getting ready to grab a quick shower before heading off to work, I found, besides for the usual suspects (shampoo bottles from the side of the tub, today also including the bath thermometer kept on the side of the tub), two sweaters and a book. I had seen her earlier grab the sweaters from the living room and wander off with them. I guess that's where she put them. I have no idea when she added the book to the mix.

Monday, May 3, 2010

At the zoo!

Today we hung out at one of our favorite places: the zoo! We went to the petting zoo, where Bracha touches a sheep, a lamb, and a couple of goats. We saw kangaroos and Eliana tried to reach out and grab a beautiful blue bird in the Australian pavilion (that shared an enclosure with fruit those guys are BIG!) We also spent some time at the large playground near the petting zoo and you can check out the video below to watch the girls having fun on the swings. But our favorite part was, by far, the lemurs. They have a large, open space and while you're not supposed to touch them, you sure can get pretty close. In fact, they come right up to you. There's a picture below (a blurry one, it was the best I could get) of a lemur that hopped right on to the bend my mom and Bracha were sitting on! Enjoy the fun!

Eliana watching the lemurs

Bracha trying to run off and join her new friends

A lemur decides to leave the grass and join us on the path

Bracha's new best friend lunching and lounging on the bench

Bracha eating fries

Ain't she cute?