Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wow am I behind!

I feel bad I haven't posted anything for so long. We've been so busy with life, I haven't been taking many pictures or videos. My sister-in-law has tons of pictures and movies of the girls which I would be happy to share with you all if she'd only send them to me (HINT HINT Esther!!).

In other news, two weeks ago my Uncle Mark died of pancreatic cancer. We took the girls to visit him back in September (the pictures were blogged). We were able to Skype with him the day he died and, while he was unable to see us, he was able to hear us, including the girls saying 'hi' and 'bye.'

Bracha and Eliana are growing beautifully. They're complete toddlers, well on their way into their "terrible twos" which is squared I guess since, well, there's two of them. Right now I think they're teething their final molars which is going to be a long, painful, and sleepless process. Ironically, it's happening at the same time as I am suffering pain and sleeplessness due to recently getting my wisdom teeth out.

Yesterday morning I called my mother to tell her someone traveled back in time by seventeen years, took my brother and deposited him, in the present, on my living-room floor. Eli looked JUST like a little Joey yesterday morning, laying on her back and smiling at me while I tickled her tummy.

Let's see, what can I say about them. They talk, a lot. Eliana will repeat anything you ask her to. She has words for everything that matters, like aba, ama (ima), sisser (sister), ahh doh (all done), and, of course, nooooooooo (she is two, after all...well, just about). Bracha talks less but loves saying aba (which to her means aba and saba and even ima, any any old man on the street but in those cases I'm pretty sure it's just a case of mistaken identity), upiya (upsidaisy), dirry (dirty), and aya, which is what she calls Eli. Both girls are great at saying hi, bye, savta, shoes, sock, and yah.

They're off milk. I know we were late at it but that God it'd finally done. They'll have the occasional shoko (chocolate milk) but no more milk bottles. They're welcome to drink milk from cups if they like but the don't want to. They still get water in a bottle at bed time because it really soothes them and with two I sometimes need to just give in to something if it shuts them up.

Oh, and I forgot another one of their favorites words: Elmo!