Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's cuddly and cute and covered in bright red spots?

My babies, of course! Well, right now Eli more than Bracha. Bother are suffering from side effects after their MMRV shots a couple of weeks ago. It's made them pretty miserable but still adorable. Fortunately their fevers seemed to have passed so now we're just waiting for their skin to clear up and the general feeling of yuckiness to dissipate.

We have a couple of other important updates, though. The best is that Eliana is now full blown walking. Ladies and gentleman, we have a toddler on our hands. She really does do just that: toddles around. Running is in practice but crawling is just about a thing of the past. It's fun and cute and Bracha shows no interest in getting started. Oh well, all in sweet time.

Our other big news is our sitter. She's very nice and is great with the girls, even though they've been so sick her first week on the job. She comes four afternoons a week while I'm at work till Shawn comes home from school. This even gives him a little extra time at school each day so he can study in peace. Now that the weather is so great she's been taking them out nearly every day so I'm happy they're getting so much sunshine and fresh air. her watching them has also helped us be better at being able to keep up with house work.

In other news, Bracha has finally broken the 6 kilo barrier and Eliana is over 8 kilo and no longer needs to see the dietitian (Bracha still does though). My job is to pump them full of fattening food like almond butter, techina, and halva. Lucky kids!!