Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kids are awesome, but...

So as everyone who reads this probably already knows, last Tuesday Shawn had a heart attack. Thank God he's okay; he's back home and recovering well. But of course this blog is not about him, for the most part.

It was hard on the kids. Eliana in particular. Bracha has always been very attached to me but I was home with them every night and most of the morning every day so we did get to spend plenty of time together. But Eli is a daddy's girl. In the absence of her father she found the nearest penis and attached herself to my father, who was great with her. Now that Shawn is home, and my in-laws have flown in and are staying with us, it's still a little confusing for her. But we came home tonight (till now "home" was with my parents) and both kids, despite coming home later and being tired, seemed thrilled to be back among their toys and in familiar surroundings. I think being here will make things much easier. Plus it's great for me to be able to sleep with my husband in our own bed. A couple of friends came by on Thursday to help me clean up a bit and as I was making the bed I broke down a little, thinking how close I came to having to sleep alone forever.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Old surgery pictures

These are some pics from Eli's surgery back in March.

Pre-op hanging with Saba.

Post-op in Abba's arms.

Post-op, feeling a little better.

First snack pot-op.

Mmmm, Bamba!!


We've been in the market for a couple of umbrella strollers for a while now. We have a planned trip to the States and Canada over the holidays and I wanted to bring two lightweight strollers instead of our one double stroller since the girls are bigger now, sit up and walk around a lot, and with two small very light strollers it'll be easier on buses (have you ever tried getting a double stroller on a Toronto bus?!? DON'T!) and subways (this was we can each grab a baby, collapse and carry a stroller up and down the many stairs of the NY subways).

But it seems the no longer make what I think of when you mention an umbrella stroller. Now they're all bigger and heavier and fancier. Well, we found a simple one that was nice and cheap and perfectly functional so we got a couple, and also, at the same store (I'm starting to feel the Baby Michelle love) found car seats that convert into booster seats on amazing sale. Of course it was the last day so we bought the two seats and two strollers and schlepped them all, along with our double stroller and two babies, home. On foot.

We are amazing.

And yes, I'll post pictures.

Oh, and Eli fell asleep on the way home so I stepped the stroller up all four flights (she was in one of the new singles) and she's still asleep, slumped in the stroller while it's parked in the kitchen. Yes, I got a picture of that.

Warning: extreme cuteness ahead!