Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Long time no update

What can I say, we've been too busy living life to bother blogging about it. See, mom? No apologies. I will try to update videos and pictures this week, though. But for now I will share some recent stories.

The girls are on their first gan summer vacation. They have less than a week now, then two weeks off in August. They're going a little stir crazy but are having a blast nonetheless. They're playing so nicely together which really makes me appreciate that they have each other and aren't lonely this week. Setting up playdates has been too difficult because Shawn and I are still working so the girls spend afternoons with a sitter.

Today I downloaded an app called Drawing Pad for the ipad. I enjoy having the ipad, though I would never have bought one for myself, but for the girls it is incredible. There are great kids apps out there and the girls catch on really quickly to the technical aspects of using the touch screen. After a quick two minute tutorial they were using the new drawing app like pros. They still love 'real' art projects, but it's also nice to let them draw without having to do any cleanup.

Lately they take anything that folds, like hinged Legos, compact mirrors, travel brushes, and call it their 'computer'. They sit with it on their laps and 'type'. It's very cute.

Don't get us wrong with all this technology. The girls still spend plenty of time playing with their toys, running around outdoors, and doing old favorites like baking and playing with their water table. But I do appreciate the technological distractions when it's hot out and we camp out in the A/C. And yes, I'll admit it, Barney and granola bars bought me an extra half-hour of sleep this morning.

Speaking of which, Aunty Barbara you must know Elmo has pretty much taken BJ's place on Bracha's heart, and last night Eli has no idea where her Baby Bop doll was but she did lay in bed clutching Cookie Monster. Blue and red are slowly becoming favored over green and yellow. Bracha still prefers to watch Barney DVDs but Eli asks for Elmo shows.

The kids are amazingly verbal. They really do ay the darndest things. Of course, it's almost on shabbat so I can't record it but I will try to better remember and blog the things they say.

Right now they're jumping around the couch, just about in their birthday suits, shouting "Naked Bracha-Boo! "Naked Eli-Belly!"