Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rain and the joys of motherhood

It's raining again. It's been doing that on and off since Friday night. Even earlier in other parts of the country. Funny, it's been a mild winter with some late spring rains and now early autumn rain, too.

I guess I had better find our double rain cover and take it with me to pick up the girls later, just in case. If anyone is coming in soon from abroad we would not object to a gift of a new one. Ours is falling apart and I think I'll need to take a roll of duct tape to make it at all useful today, assuming I can find it.

I just watched the Grey's Anatomy season premier and the following quote ended the episode: "You think that true love is the only thing that can crush your heart; that will take your life and light it up or destroy it. Then you become a mother."

How true.

Anyhow, enjoy the following cuteness.

Eating pizza in the park after gan.

Cotton candy at a street festival.

A view of Bracha's hair after she slept with two ponytails in.

Not my kids but a glimpse I caught of his/her bassinets in the new Bugaboo Donkey. How awesome is that stroller?!?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A day in the life of a working mother of twins

But first...

Gratuitous cuteness, just because.

This morning started off with Bracha waking up at 5:30am and climbing out of her own bed and into mine. I was too tired to object so she snuggled up for about 20 minutes before she had enough and started playing around. 20 minutes after that Shawn finally got up with her, fed her breakfast, and dressed her and her sister when Eli woke up. I got up at 7:30 for sunscreen and hairdos, then got their bags packed, my own packed, and got myself dressed and hustled us all out the door (well, all us girls. Shawn stayed home).

I took the girls to gan (where Eliana has a hard time parting *sad*) then stopped in a cafe for a salad after realizing not only did I not eat before leaving the house, but that I wouldn't be back for 10 more hours (turned out to be even longer). Then I was off to work (salad uneaten) where I saw my first patient of the day before heading off to the dentist (salad still uneaten) where I had a cleaning (hygienist said my teeth look better than she's ever seen them!) and a dental checkup (may have a cavity developing :( but nothing to do about it yet) then I went to the computer shop to hand in my sick (again) laptop, then to the post office to get paperwork for filing an inquiry into a lost piece of registered mail, then (salad still uneaten) to get receipts photocopied for aforementioned inquiry, then to a counseling session with Shawn, then back to work for another patient (salad finally eaten while walking to work from session!), then to gan to pick up the kids (I walked, go me!), then back to the center of town with the kids to bring back the filled out aforementioned inquiry paperwork including the aforementioned photocopies, then to the pharmacy to pick up some dentist-recommended (my dentist, not some TV dentist) Sensodyne toothpaste, then to a bench to change diapers, then the horse park in town with the girls (we planted sticks!), then to watch the trains, then we caught a bus home and, after a quick stop in the downstairs playground we came upstairs and got ready for, and went to, bed. Whew!

I showered and then got online to email my mom and write this out and will soon get some painting down while watching this week's premier of Glee (yay!)

So, that's a day in the life of us!

In honor of tomorrow being Shabbat I am going to share this picture from Friday two weeks ago:

Buying flowers for Shabbat.

And in honor of yesterday being Wednesday I am going to share a picture from a few weeks ago of the girls hanging out with their favorite Wednesday pal, Srulie. Srulie is the same age as the girls and has a one-year-old little sister who are both home all day with their mom so every Wednesday the girls don't go to gan and instead we hang out with Sruelie and his sister and mommy and together we take long walks to awesome playgrounds and music class at Malcha mall and sometimes the zoo.

Eating sambusak with Srulie, our friend!

So that was our day! What did you do today?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pictures from gan, part 1

These include other kids from gan so please don't re-share any of these pictures via email or social media (ie, no reposting to facebook!) Thanks.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to gan we go!

Smock time!

I made two paint smocks for the girls from cutting apart a t-shirt I had from when my uncle died. Not only did it make two pretty tie-dyed purple smocks, but it also sends a strong message. After all, how many two-year-olds have smocks that make statements against pancreatic cancer??

And yes, I'm thinking about selling these. Not these ones specifically, but others somewhat like it.

Gan and loving it!

The girls are having so much fun in gan! They've made five new friends (it's a very small, intimate gan) and together have painted a bus to use when singing The Wheels on the Bus, they baked a cake to celebrate one girl's birthday, today they baked challah for shabbat, and they do lots of art projects, play outside, read stories, play with fun, exciting toys, take naps and, yes, eat meat.

Yeah, my kids are no longer vegetarians. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Anyhow, I'm still using Shawn's computer due to mine still misbehaving so I'm not sure how to update videos yet but let me share some more pictures, at least. Enjoy the following posts!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Even more pictures!

More pictures!

Animal crackers and shoko to drink, that is the finest of snacks I think!


First day of gan! (aka, I'm FREEEEEEEE!)

The girls are in gan *happy dance* the girls are in gan *happy dance*

Oh, no, don't get me wrong, I'm very sad and miss them very much!


Oh my gosh this is wonderful! Well, today was only two hours but still. Shawn took them in and I got to sleep in while home alone in my quiet apartment. I didn't wake up until nearly ten. How awesome is that?!!! The last couple of weeks of getting everything ready for them has been hard but now that we're finally here I am just so happy, I am just so READY for this stage in life to begin! I know it'll end the moment we have more kids but with everything going on with Shawn right now, more kids are not about to happen any time soon. But instead of being sad about that I am just going to enjoy this new stage in my life. I never thought about the freedom their going to school would afford me until this summer and now that, at they say in Hebrew, nafal ha-asimon, I'm just so glad that not only are they going somewhere where they can play with other kids, meet new people, and have fun exciting adventures with new toys, but that I also get that time off. That I'm not just handing the kids to a sitter and feeling guilty for every moment I'm not with them. Instead this is a natural progression for them, time away from home to get what I can't offer them and all in preparation for the upcoming age when school in mandatory. Meanwhile I get to be at home, guilt free, doing my artwork. Life is good.

Enjoy the pictures in the next post!