Monday, March 21, 2011

Purim at Saba and Savta's


Who's the doll and who' the child?

Going out with Saba and Savta

My twins have twins!

Fun with the grandparents!

In their new princess constumes

Bracha pooped from all the fun

Yes, folks, alert the press: Bracha eats!


Sunday, March 20, 2011


I know I owe you guys so many updates. I haven't had a working camera for months now so that's kept me from uploading pictures, and frankly since my uncle died I felt a loss of the sense of urgency to update so often, but I know that's unfair to all you relatives that are still alive and kicking so tonight I'll update a bunch of pictures from my in-laws' camera.

Meanwhile, let me share my thoughts with you. Tonight is Purim, my new favorite holiday. It used to be Chanukka, which I still adore, but two years ago tomorrow was the day Bracha came home from the hospital. She was the best mishloach manot I ever got, and no day in my life beats the day I got to hold my two babies for the first time. Not my wedding, not their birth, only the day I finally became a true mother to both of my children.

Two years ago today, Purim n the rest of the world but not in Jerusalem, Shawn and I spent the entire day in the hospital, feeding Bracha each of her bottles, all of which she miraculously drank. Then we came home to Eliana for the night, went to megilla reading the next morning and received a phone call right after saying we could come pick up our child. Joy!! We quickly put together a coming home outfit for her, put the car seat in the car, packed one hell of a mishloach manot for the NICU nurses, and headed off to the hospital. There I dressed Bracha in her ridiculously large, ridiculously pink outfit and brought my baby home. I walked strait to Eliana and for the first time in my life I held both of my babies in my arms, together. Shawn had his turn next. We were both so tired, so worn. Three weeks of daily trips to the NICU at the other end of the city, all with another newborn at home and me post-op, had taken its toll. Of course, the next two months were certainly hard, too, but I would do it all again in a heartbeat just to have my family united the way it should be.

Enjoy the flashback:

Getting Bracha dressed to come home

Shawn's first time holding both girls

My and Bracha together at home

Our first family photo (I warned you were were all exhausted, right?)

And now, a little flash forward two years to the wonderful toddler that little babe has become: