Sunday, April 29, 2012

This one's for Reuben

Dearest, darling nephew, One day, very soon, you will be flying back to Israel to visit your family that loves and misses you so much. I think about you every day because right behind my house there is a large ongoing construction site and I know you would love to see all the different trucks that roll past my porch. Giant dump trucks, rolling cement mixers, dangley back-hoes, thunderous bulldozers, and more! So this post is for you. Enjoy! Love, Doda Yaffa

Monday, April 23, 2012


This year we spent seder, as always with Saba and Savta, during which the girls had a starring role singing Ma Nishtana. We are so proud! Afterwards we all went south to Kibbutz Yahel where we swan in the "blue water" (pool,) saw the cows, including pregnant ones, brand new baby cows, and cows being milked, as well as learned how that milk is turned into ice cream. We also spent a day at the wonderful Eilat aquarium where we saw, huge sea turtles, sharks, a real scuba diver, and plenty of fish. The girls even sat through their first (half hour) movie! Of course we had tons of fun, so much fun in fact that we forgot to take pictures most of the time. But there are some to share, as well as a couple videos, so please enjoy! Talking about Pessach: Making ice cream:

Riding in the car:

The pregnant cows at Kibbutz Yahel:

Bracha hanging out by the pool:

The previous picture is a near replica of the this one, taken at our beach vacation last summer:

Bracha fell asleep on the futon then rolled under Ima and Abba's bed at Saba and Savta's:

Snuggling in bed together at Kibbutz Yahel:

Hanging out with Doda Rona on a cowch (get it?):

Hanging out with Uncle Joey at Yotvata:

Eli and Joey snuggling at the ice cream seminar:

Eli and Joey snuggling at the ice cream seminar:

Friday, April 20, 2012


Bracha: Corn! Corn corn CORN!
Me: How do you ask nicely?
Bracha: Corn PLEASE! Woah, that was so loud!