Monday, April 27, 2009

9wks, 6days

The girls in Sde Boker:

9wks, 6days

Video post! Here are the girls practicing crawling on their awesome playmat (thank you, R&S!!):

9wks, 6days

Video post! This is Shawn and Eliana in Sde Boker over Chol Hamoed:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

9wks, 5days

OK, so don't accuse me of abusing my kids, this was just a practical method to weigh the babies on my dad's kitchen scale:

The stork's new delivery method: Ebaby!

9wks, 5days

Pictures of Bracha with Auntie Leah and Uncle Joey in Sde Boker:

9wks, 5days

Eliana post!

Eliana sleeping in the swing this afternoon.

Cute sleeping baby!

Eliana in the swing when we first got it.

Chillin' in the bath.

9wks, 5days

Picture posts! And lots of them! Here's the first of several, this round featuring Bracha.

Sorry these two are sideways, we got our computer fixed over Pessach but no longer have a decent photo editing program. The vibrating bouncer was an amazing gift from mo co-workers.

Pretty baby.

Bracha chilling in the swing my parents gave us.

This one is just for laughs. Isn't she cute?!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

9wks, 2days

I rock!

Both kids got breakfast, baths, lunch, and are down for their noon naps. Not only did I get it all done solo, I didn't go insane while doing it and they're starting to develop a routine which I am learning and we're making this twin thing happen, baby! Yeah!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

8wks, 4days

Sorry for the absence, friends and family! We were away for Pessach at my parents' for the chagim and in Sde Boker for chol hamoed. That's right, we took the girls hiking in the desert! Shawn had to study for an exam the day after Pessach and I am still recovering from the c-section, but we each managed to get one good long hike in, without the girls, and I went on a couple of smaller hikes/desert walks, one with each girl (I LOVE the new wrap!!).

Both girls went through some changes. Eliana, who previously would NOT let me put her down to sleep in a crib/bassinet (she was better at letting other people put her down, but for the most part would wail if not held) is now totally happy bein put down, as long as she's been fed and burped. She can soothe herself to sleep or just lay there happily.

Bracha, meanwhile, turned into little miss Fussybutts over the holiday. She wasn't eating enough and would wail when riding in the stroller or in the car, two things that usually put her right to sleep. She would go through periods that were almost colicky though the only thing that soothed her would be to be strapped to my chest and have me walk and bounce till she fell asleep. Only after she fell asleep this way would we lay down with her, and then she'd only sleep if she were being held in our arms. Even if she was already fast asleep, if I moved my arm she would wake up and wail. It was so bad we were thinking of going to the doctor but thankfully,. now that we're back home she has calmed down a LOT. She's eating quite a bit, sleeps without being held constantly, willingly rides in the stroller, and is not crying nearly as much.

Both girls are developing nicely. Eliana's eyes will follow a rattle and both will stare at the things hanging over their crib (we have a large arch with dangly dolls and such). They're definitely becoming more aware of their surroundings. We try to stimulate them with new sounds, textures, and toys that vibrate, have mirrors, rattle, light up, and/or play music. They're still young for most of it but we see such changes day to day, better to provide them with the chance to be stimulated once their capable rather than miss out on the opportunity.

Of course we continue to sing to them a ton. I read once earlier on that if you sing the same songs over and over in a soothing manner when you are trying to calm a baby down/put it to sleep, they'll associate the song with feeling soothed and clam. It really works! Each girl has a soft, soothing song of her own, and they have a lullaby thanks to my sister, and whenever they're agitated all I need to do is cuddle them up and sing their song and it really works. We have lots of other fun songs we sing, and we read to them, too. I want certain poems and stories to be so ingrained in their memories that I want to start early with things I grew up on like Free to Be...You and Me and Christopher Robin.

Of course I have a ton of new pictures and videos I'll post next time.

Monday, April 6, 2009

6wks, 6days

The deal with the Baby Jogger:

We screwed up. Plain and simple. Our logic, before the birth, was that the Baby Jogger City Double Classic would be a good, durable stroller that would last us five years or so, if not more for future kids, and, since I plan on doing a ton of walking with the girls, the suspension would handle Jerusalem's uneven sidewalks well.

What I didn't count on was just how darn heavy it is, and how large it is even when folded. Nor did I think about while it might supposedly fit through "standard doorways," the standard in America is different from Israel and the stroller wouldn't even fit through our building's front door. Nor would we easily be able to store it down there since it'd occupy the entire width of the stairwell (since we live on a fourth floor walk-up we knew we'd have to keep the stroller locked up on the downstairs landing by the building's front door).

My wonderful in-laws, who were generous enough to get and bring the stroller for us (and were so awesome as to have bought the Elite, a step up from the Classic), got the stroller to my parents' before we really realized our mistake. They have every right to say, "I told you so" and we are truly sorry.

So we'll sell it. Meanwhile we bought a Baby Safe Twin Savvy. It's an Israeli knockoff of the Combi Twin Savvy:

When fully collapsed it's easy to carry or even just roll on the wheels, making it easy for even me to move it. It's great that it's so light since we need to bring it upstairs every Thursday before a neighbor kid cleans the stairwell Friday mornings. The width is as good as you're going to get with a side-by-side, and taking it on the bus is no real hassle.

So that's the stroller deal.

6wks, 6days

Bracha post!

Here is my daughter just being herself at 4:30am...ain't she adorable?!?!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

6wks, 2days

From Friday's Simcha Banot:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

6wks, 1day

Naked Abba post!

No, seriously, do not read any further if you don't want to see my husband half-naked (and for the record, no, I haven't asked him if he minds me posting these...he probably doesn't even know these pictures exist since, as you'll see, he wasn't exactly conscious when I took them).

So what's a busy Ima of two to do when she must have her hands free? Stick the children with their sleeping father, of course! His exhaustion is contagious. And it's so damn cute!

6wks, 1day

It's time for an Eliana post!

Yesterday my parents took Bracha for the day, allowing me the ease of taking care of only one child at a time. While I missed my baby daughter it was nice to have a chance to relax. It's also much easier for me to catch a nap if there's only one girl at home, rather that trying to find a time both girls are asleep thus allowing me to join them.

So Eliana and I took a nice long walk along Emek Refaim and through Talpiot, running errands along the way. I snapped a couple of pictures of her asleep in the stroller, she looked so cute!

Earlier today I stuck her inside my Cozy Wrap, one of three (along with a Baby Ktan and an ergo carrier) child carriers I have (and by far the most comfortable, though it is the one I was most hesitant about). So there's a couple of pictures of her bunches up against my chest in the infant hug position.

Finally, we picked up our new stroller (I'll post about the Baby Jogger fiasco soon...sorry mom!!!) and I grabbed a snapshot of Eliana in that.